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Jack in the Box 2009

Find a chair and you can stay, But if you don't you'll go away. The last survives another day... Pop Goes the Weasel. Welcome to Junior's world where six invited guests, trapped in a room, play a deadly game of musical chairs for their lives. Every ten minutes "Pop Goes the Weasel" signals the start of another round, and the horrific end of another player. Sit you live, stand you die- this is Junior's simple, twisted rule. Jack in the Box is a gripping study in psychological terror, unfolding in real-time, as Junior's desperate "guests" struggle with themselves, and each other, for survival. Seven begin the game, only one will end it. Who will it be? Grab a chair and find out. The answer will shock you.

88 Minutes
Frank Kerr ...
Lynn Guerra, Nathaniel Sylva, Cassandra Waterman, Adam LaFramboise, William White, Emilia Richeson, Bill Doherty Jr., Denise Duncan, Evan Phillips, ...
Horror, ...

IMDb Rating: 0


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